“Providing the youth in our agency with workshops to improve their self-esteem, confidence and positive body image has been a valuable addition to our programs. The Self-Esteem workshops fit perfectly with our misison as an agency, to assist our youth to grow into healthy, contributing members of our community”,– Shari Lynn Ladanchuk, President & CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel“

”I would like to thank Mrs. Ari Randall, as well as take the time to reiterate her message, that we shall keep so close to our heart. That even though as young people we may be doing some soul-searching right now, by finding the courage to take up opportunities and experiences we will become enlightened as to what we are passionate about and what drives us to get up in the morning. The happiness we feel fuels our inner beauty, only bringing out our outer beauty. By this perspective we are able to harness our painful experiences and give rise to new opportunities, because we will fall but with courage and persistence we will always rise back up again. Lastly, this is especially important to me, as I would like to be a teacher; when we teach others, we are just as much being taught ourselves. Thank you.” Stephanie Spagnulolo, Grade 11 Student at Loretto Abbey CSS, Toronto, ON

“Shannon is a passionate, engaging speaker who captures her audience with her authenticity and her 20 + years of experience. She has a unique ability to convey her understanding of the customer experience and how to consistently and positively impact it.” Tara McCaulley, Business Advisor – Small Business Enterprise Centre


“Shannon generously volunteered her time to speak with a group of youth, many of whom were struggling with self-esteem and self-worth issues. Shannon had a gentle, empathetic manner and was able to quickly engage the youth in her discussion. She had the ability to see the “seeds of greatness” in each of them and encouraged them to cultivate those seeds. Shannon empowered the youth by listening to their stories and providing them with practical tips for building their self-image. She also served as a strong and resilient role-model by sharing her own story of challenge and growth. Thank you so much Shannon for bringing your light, energy and blessings to these youth.”
Krista Baigent,  SJHC of London

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