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Global Empowerment Breakthrough Experts

In today’s day and age children are finding themselves pressured to look and act a certain way. All so that they can gain a sense of belonging. The children that feel “left out” and lack confidence in themselves are the ones that are at the highest risk to develop mental health disorders such as; depression, body image issues, eating disorders, bullying, self-harm, and in some cases suicide. The heartbreaking truth about these facts is that these issues are seen in children as young as 6 years old. Why is this becoming so evident? Who is imposing all of these pressures on our youth? The truth is that there isn’t one answer to these questions. The new question becomes; How can we set up our children to be better equipped to overcome the risks and issues that face them?

Our workshops are facilitated by global breakthrough experts and directed primarily by our clients. We give you the tools you’ll need to embrace life’s challenges as opportunities for growth, increasing self-esteem in the process. Vitality Group is passionate about instilling leadership skills into our youth, so that they can become positive role models and mentors.

Our goal is to ensure children nowadays are gaining trust in themselves so that they do not fall into the trends of negative self talk that in turn lead to the issues mentioned. There is a need for children to be raised in an environment of high self-esteem, so that it will be easy for them to deal with the trials life has to bring them. These “trials” are then seen as opportunities for growth, promoting their vitality and preventing any potential for risk.

Research and development conducted by our Global Breakthrough Experts is backed by evidence-based practice that provides a family-centered approach in which children and adults can be taught to live, grow and be empowered.

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